15. Patient Admission, Assessment, and Discharge

(Rev. 56, Issued: 12-30-09, Effective/Implementation: 12-30-09)
§416.52 Condition for coverage – Patient Admission, Assessment and Discharge
The ASC must ensure each patient has the appropriate pre-surgical and post-surgical assessments completed and that all elements of the discharge requirements are completed.
Interpretive Guidelines §416.52
The core objectives of this condition are to ensure that:
• The patient can tolerate a surgical experience;
• The patient’s anesthesia risk and recovery are properly evaluated
• The patient’s post-operative recovery is adequately evaluated;
• The patient received effective discharge planning; and
• The patient is successfully discharged from the ASC
(See 72 FR 50477, August 31, 2007.)
All elements of the specific requirements of this condition concerning pre- and post-surgical assessments, together with the patient assessment requirements in the surgical services CfC at§416.42(a) , must be met. Deficiencies related to §416.42(a), concerning the need for a physician to evaluate the patient for anesthesia risk and surgical procedure risk prior immediately before surgery, and for anesthesia recovery prior to discharge are to be considered when determining whether the requirements of this Condition have been met.
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