9. Nurse Staffing

(Rev. 56, Issued: 12-30-09, Effective/Implementation: 12-30-09)
§416.46 Condition for Coverage: Nursing Service
The nursing services of the ASC must be directed and staffed to assure that the nursing needs of all patients are met.
Interpretive Guidelines: §416.46
The ASC must ensure that the nursing service is directed under the leadership of an RN. The ASC must have documentation that it has designated an RN to direct nursing services.
There must be sufficient nursing staff with the appropriate qualifications to assure the nursing needs of all ASC patients are met. This implies that there is ongoing assessment of patients’ needs for nursing care, and that identified needs are addressed. The number and types of nursing staff needed will depend on the volume and types of surgery the ASC performs.
Survey Procedures: §416.46
Ask the ASC’s leadership to identify the person responsible for the direction of nursing services within the ASC. Is that person an RN?
Review the staffing available for patients undergoing surgery during the survey; is there sufficient staff to address each patient’s nursing needs?
Do nursing staff have the appropriate qualifications for the tasks they are asked to perform?
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